“The ultimate victory in competition is derived from the inner satisfaction of knowing that you have done your best and that you have gotten the most out of what you had to give.”

-Howard Cosell


This year team 2118A made it to VEX worlds in Louisville Kentucky. They named their robot Anubus and he did great. Mr. Roboto also attended and made several new friends.  Several of team 2118B members also attended to support their teammates and to volunteer at different stations throughout the competition days.  We all had a great time and loved the new location. 

We went to sea perch competition in Newport news at The Midtown Aquatic Center. Our three teams went but only two teams made it to nationals. The 2 teams that are going are Team Lona and Team Poseidon’s Fury. Poseidon’s Fury got 1st place in obstacle, Finesse and poster. Then  Lona got 1st in obstacle, 2nd place in finesse, and 3rd in poster.

We attended our State competition February 20th and 21st had we did great and had a great time. Team B won the Promote Award at State for the video they submitted to promote Robotics. Team A made it to Tournament Finalists. We  qualified for Worlds so Kentucky here we come!

This is the Competition we attended at I.C. Norcom High School. We had a great time both of our teams have not qualified for State competition. Team A also won a several awards at this competition Judges Award, Programming skills award, Excellence Award and Tournament Champions. Now we are prepping for State Competition. Thank you everyone for all your support!

The first competition we attended this year was at Woodbridge Battle of the Bridge. Both teams made it to the quarter finals and team A made it to the semi-finals. We had a great time and learned alot about how our robots performed and what modifications we needed to go back home and make to them.

Our teams entered  several online challenges this year  One we entered is the 

FUTURE Foundation Robot Construction Challenge

In this challenge we had to build a mascot Robot to represent our team and make a video of our mascot doing different things. We are all very proud of our robot and he goes to all events with us and makes friends.

We also entered the

VEX Robotics Competition Promote Award

For this award we had to promote robotics by represent our team, introduce how fun robotics can be to recruit new team members and to try to gain more support for our program.

Two of the other online challenges we entered are the 

EMC Robotics Team/Club Website Challenge &VEX Robotics Photography Challenge

This is the first year we have had a web site and after much searching through themes we decided to use the DIVI theme it gave us the most versatility to design our site just the way we wanted it . We wanted something easy to navigate and still be able to share lots of information about us and our program. We had 10 of the 13 team members submit pictures for the photography challenge we had fun taking the pictures and posting them. Some of our photos are from competitions and some are ones we thought of ourselves.


We attended the Culpeper competition in January team A made it to the quarter finals at this match. Our robots both performed well and we are proud of our performance.