Competition 2016-2017

  • Each Star scored in the Near Zone- 1 Point
  • Each Star scored in the Far Zone-2 Points
  • Each Cube scored in the Near Zone- 2 Points
  • Each Cube scored in the Far Zone- 4 Points
  • A Robot that Low Hangs- 4 Points
  • A Robot that High Hangs- 12 Points
  • Automous Win-  4 Points

The 2016 Challenge:

VEX Robotics Competition Starstruck is played on a 12’x12’ square field. Two alliances composed of two teams each, compete in matches consisting of a fifteen second autonomous period followed by one minute and forty-five seconds of driver-controlled play. The object of the game is to attain a higher score than the opposing Alliance by Scoring your stars and cubes zones and by hanging the robot at for  the last thirty seconds.