Dear Past  thanks for the lessons…..

Dear Future I am Ready…….

World Competition 2014 in Anaheim California. We had one team that attended this years World competition. The team won the Create Award at this competition.

These are pictures from 2014 state competition. We had three teams that qualified to compete in the State Tournament. Team 2118A won the Amaze award and earned a spot in the semi-finals that qualified them  to go to World Competition.

SeaPerch Regional competition 2014. The Robo-Dukes had 4 teams compete 3 teams won awards at the competition and 2 that qualified for Nationals.  

These pictures are from the SeaPerch National competition in 2014. The competition was held at the University of South Mississippi. The Robo-Dukes had two teams compete at Nationals and they earned two awards 1st place in open class heist challenge and 3rd place in open class obstacle course.