Competition 2015-2016

The 2015 Challenge:

VEX Robotics Competition Nothing But Net is played on a 12’x12’ square field configured as seen above. Two alliances composed of two teams each, compete in matches consisting of a fifteen second autonomous period followed by one minute and forty-five seconds of driver-controlled play. There are ninety-four Balls and ten Bonus Balls, available as Scoring Objects. Some Scoring Objects begin in designated locations on the field, while others are available to be entered into the field during to the Match.

On February 6, Team B competed at Portsmouth. We won the judge’s award and advanced to the finals.
On January 30, team A and B competed at Liberty University. Both teams did very well and advanced to the quarter finals.
On November 21, we went to Portsmouth. Both times advanced to the quarter finals on the same team but did not advance to semi-finals.
We went to Prince William Regional by Explorer Post 1882. Both teams advanced to the semi-finals. Team A won Excellence Award, Judges Award, and advanced to the finals. We all did good for our first competition and we hope that the rest of the teams qualify for states.