“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

-Margaret Mead

Our local extension office contacted our coach and they had a robot that had been sitting in their office for years not working wanted to know if we could fix it. So we handed the Robot over to our Mr. Fit-it Dalton and he replaced the batteries had to rewire a few things but got it working again. The date on the robot was 1999 and it had a old car cassette tape for the singing. Was a great challenge and glad we could help out the community they will not use him at events again to help promote recycling.  

We participated in our local Christmas Parade on Main Street. The team built a float that was a Robo-Christmas Workshop. We won third place in our division. We love to participate in local events and bring awareness to Robotics to the community especially the young kids who will be our replacements one day!

On Halloween members of the team participate with the Trick-or-Treat on Main Street. We set up a table in front of Olivia’s and passed out candy. We had a lot of fun dressing up and see the community.

Who do you call when you need a mechanical Rose to drop petals during a play? Well you call a Robo-Duke of course. Payton and Mae were asked to design a rose for the production of Beauty and the Beast for our Fine arts department. They were giving a few materials then left to their imaginations. They did a great job we love it when we can help people out with our Robot skills.


We participated in a carnival that our local Montessori school hosts every year. we actually brought out the competition robot and one of the team members would drive the base and lift and we would let the kids operate to  claw to stack Skyrise pieces and cubes. It was cold and rainy that day but we still had kids come out and we had the opportunity to introduce them to robotics.


 We participated in our local Christmas Parade to promote our robotic programs. The team members all pitched in and designed the float. It rained the whole day but the parade must go on so we did and had a great time in the rain.We even won first place in our division in the parade.



The Team participated in a local Daffodil Festival where they set up a partial field and did

demonstrations with their robots.

They also showed interested spectators how to drive the robots. 

This was a great fundraising and community involvement activity.


This was the STEM fair at Gloucester High School. The teams participated by doing robot presentations, talk to the public about the Robotics program, and what it takes to design a Robot. they also visited several colleges and industries in the STEM program.



The local middle schools host a Robotics camp over the summer to introduce

kids to Robotics. Several of the team members volunteer their time

to go help out with the camp.



The Team set up in front of our local Wal-Mart and did Robot

Demonstrations and accepted donations and sold Popcorn to

help support their program.

Every year our community has a Trick or Treat event on Main Street to provide a safe place for kids to Trick or Treat. Local businesses set up in front of their shops and pass out candy. This year the teams asked if they could participate by dressing up and help pass out candy. There were over 1000 children that participated and the team members had a great time participating in this great local event.

Different team members do several spots on the local radio station FM 99.1 to promote robotics and let the community know what they have been up to.