Online Challenges

Great news two of our online Challenges placed in the top 3! Our Web site got 2nd place and our Robot construction Challenge placed 3rd. Still raising money for worlds but we will get it done.  read more

Competition is near…

This is Payton, reporting live from team 2118A. With our upcoming competition on the horizon, the stress level has kicked up about 15 notches. It is usually around this time where our usual team camaraderie morphs into us threatening to bite each others heads off if something goes wrong. We only do it because we care…I promise. This specific competition is our last chance to qualify for the state tournament, so of course tensions will be high among us. We are pretty confident about our chances at this competition due to our kick butt autonomous, done by no other but the great and powerful….CHARLES MILROY! With the power he has granted the robot we hope to win the 10 point autonomous bonus, which will grant us the edge we want at this competition. Wish us luck! Payton signing... read more

New ROV program meeting

Hello everyone we are excited to announce we will be adding a new Underwater ROV team to our current teams. We will be forming two teams for the MATE program one in the Scout division and one in the Ranger division. Check it out at We will have our first meeting on February 3rd in classroom C-165 form... read more

Trial and Error Frankenstein claw

We have a competition coming up this weekend and we just finished some final designs on our Frankenstein claw. Just a few minor adjustments as we practice this week but pretty happy with what we have so... read more

Mascot first Public appearance

  Click here to see a video from the first competition I took the Mascot robot to. We are calling him Robo Duke. I had fun building this mascot and had a great time at competition with... read more

Condition of The Robot

The robot is its current state on 12/11/2014 is promising, but still, for a lack of a better term “iffy”. We added two more motors to the outside of the robot to add more power for the scissor lift. We are working the kinks out of the robot and finding a good amount of them, but we are solving them with the help of our other half (team A). We am now in construction phase and should finish fairly soon and then begin testing for the prototype of a four motor scissor... read more

How the team is doing

The team is doing quite well. We have finally constructed the arm to be able to raise on its own without skipping or the need to be helped by a team member. We made all of the parts into aluminum to make it lighter and quicker. The programming is coming along and is getting done. At the moment, we are making the claw to pick up the blocks and sky... read more